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Tomb Raider (1999) #23
One of the most popular characters in video game history, Lara Croft is a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Playboy playmate, and enough action and adventure to snare an entire generation of fans with her continuing adventures. This Issue: No Time - Path of the Tiger, Part 3 (of 3)?Lara's followed the Path of the Tiger beyond death itself-to the Screaming Throne and the key it hides. But c …
Tomb Raider (1999) #2
Lara Crofts quest for the incredibly poweful Medusa Mask takes her to the mountains of Katmandu and a meeting with the enigmatic Chase Carver, one of her greatest competitors. And you won't believe what happens when the mask is actually found! Plus, if all that wasn't enough, Lara's life will soon be turned upside down when an individual from her past returns from the dead!
Tomb Raider (1999) #13
During her young life, Lara Croft has experienced many traumatic events. Now, lost in the rugged terrain of the Honduras, she experiences one that trumps them all in a story designed to set the stage for some major developments during the next year. This is not an issue to be missed!
Tomb Raider (1999) #25B
Tomb Raider (1999) #3
Amid death, turmoil, and treachery, the odds are long as Lara Croft races against incredible odds to find the coveted Medusa Mask! Few know of its existence, but those who do will pay any price and commit any crime to make sure it's theirs!
Tomb Raider (1999) #14
Lara recovers the lost treasure of Columbus but Chase is killed in the process.
Tomb Raider (1999) #21A
The Concept: One of the most popular characters in video game history, Lara Croft is a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Playboy playmate, and enough action and adventure to snare an entire generation of fans with her continuing adventures. This Issue: Follow Lara high in Tibet to the Taktsang Ravine where she searches for the Black Mandala. A new artistic team starts their run with this w …
Tomb Raider (1999) #4
Lara Croft's quest for the unique and enigmatic Medusa Mask concludes when she and Chase Carver come face to face with the threat known as Skaratta! Also, an incredible secret from the past is finally revealed as the first Tomb Raider story line gives fans all the action and adventure they deserve!
Tomb Raider (1999) #15
Lost in the abyss of personal tragedy, Lara must not only wrestle with the ominous Lucifer Text, she must also evade a mysterious new enemy who'll stop at nothing to follow her every move. "Without Limit" takes Lara on a very personal journey that may well throw the world into the grips of evil!
Tomb Raider (1999) #27
The undead pharaoh Amenhotep decrees that our Tomb Raider must pay a hideous price for every ancient treasure she's taken from the Hidden Land-by joining him in that crumbling netherworld as his queen. But Lara has her own ideas of justice-one angry Witchblade-wielding friend in the world above.
Tomb Raider (1999) #5
When an old college friend tips Lara off to one of the most amazing archeological discoveries ever, she and Chase Carver find themselves in their most dangerous adventure yet! Watch, as the new millennium gives way to a past filled with dinosaurs and black magic in, "Ancient Futures"!
Tomb Raider (1999) #16
Tomb Raider (1999) #26
Lara is drifting between life and death -- as a Tomb Raider she's been dealing with the line between life and death all her life but never before has she been so vulnerable! When an evil, ancient Egyptian decides that Lara would be a nice addition to his afterlife, how is she going to escape?
Tomb Raider (1999) #6
Lost in a long forgotten world where only the savage can survive, Lara and Chase are trapped in their wildest adventure yet! Beyond the immediate threat of death, they must also answer the mystery of the Burning Head! It's a clash of old and new, of yesterday and tomorrow, of man and dinosaur in the aptly titled, "Death Dance"!
Tomb Raider (1999) #17
"Pieces of Zero" Part 2?Part two of the four-part "Pieces of Zero" continues as Lara Croft finds herself embroiled in matters even she can't comprehend. Though Lara has unearthed many artifacts that have endangered her, never has she found anything that threatens the world as a whole. Is it possible Lara's latest find is so lethal it will somehow unravel the fabric of reality itself?
Tomb Raider (1999) #24
This Issue A sun-drenched Aegean beach, pearls to dive for, a boyfriend who's never seen suntan lotion before... Lara's found it all on the Isle of Hydra. And she's never been so happy. But when a malevolent spirit from the mists of legend threatens to make her moment of happiness permanent-and terminal-Lara must master skills she's never dreamed she had-Or spend eternity in stone, among the vi …
Tomb Raider (1999) #7
When Lara wakes up and finds the mysterious Eye of Shaherettin in her bedroom, she finds herself in the middle of her greatest adventure ever. Normally the hunter, Lara now becomes the hunted, as the enigmatic group known as the Midnight Squires pursue her without mercy!
Tomb Raider (1999) #18
The four-part "Pieces of Zero" kicks into high gear as Lara Croft suddenly realizes that it's no longer matters of history which consume her, but matters of the future. Is it possible for the world of tomorrow to be unravelled by a single object left here by a time traveller? Lara races against the ultimate clock-infinity itself-as she finally comes face to face with the incredibly beautiful an …
Tomb Raider (1999) #28
"Tempting Fate?" Lara had never suspected how many fates worse than death could befall a Tomb Raider-Until she died. Now Lara is lost in a half-world between yesterday and never, victim of a vengeful undead pharaoh's lust and malice-- twenty-two bullets away from an eternity of horror. And if she can somehow release Amenhotep and his shadow legions from their cursed afterlives-She's still dead. …
Tomb Raider (1999) #8
"Dead Center: Part II of IV" Lara Croft becomes the hunter instead of the hunted when the fabled Eye of Shaherettin, as well as a dead man, turn up on her yacht! Not only is the law after her, but one of the most mysterious organizations ever to exist, The Midnight Squires, is as well. Don't miss the crucial, second chapter in what may be Lara's most stimulating adventure ever!
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