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TMNT Adventures (1989) #5
The Turtles are visiting the Burroughs Aquarium and admiring the manta ray there when the proprietor tells them that the place is closing down. The lads make their exit and head for home, in search of dinner. Meanwhile the Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady are piloting a submarine beneath the waters of the New York Harbor.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #14
After their galactic adventure, the Turtles return to Earth in Brazil where they encounter Jagwar, a humanoid jaguar. Jagwar seeks justice against a group of men who killed his best friend and who seek to lay waste to the rainforest. Together, the Turtles and Jagwar must rescue a reporter who's been held captive by the men…April O'Neil!
TMNT Adventures (1989) #6
Of Turtles and Stones and Mary Bones, script by Dean Clarrain and Ryan Brown, art by Ken Mitchroney and Dave Garcia; After a local bayou thief steals a magical gem called the Turnstone from Mary Bones, the old crone catches up to him in the city and uses the stone to transform him into an alligator creature. Shredder tries to trick Leatherhead into thinking that the Turtles are villains who hol …
TMNT Adventures (1989) #15
While traveling in South America, the Turtles, April O'Neil, and Jagwar meet some villagers who seek their help after miners have taken several young men as slaves. While at the village they learn of a man-wolf.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #7
The Turtles are transported to Stump Asteroid where they must wrestle a four-armed alien in order to return back home. Krang continues to obsess about the Turnstone.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie II (1991) #1A
TMNT Adventures (1989) #8
a bat-man named Wingnut and mosquito-type character called Screwloose come to Earth, looking for Krang; the attack the Turtles.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #16
While drifting at sea, the Turtles and April O'Neil are captured and imprisoned in an underwater base where they meet a former friend, Man Ray.
Sonic Universe #36
'Babylon Rising,' Part Four. Babylon Garden has been found! New Mobotropolis is under siege! The Battle Bird Armada attacks from the sky, and Sonic enters into a desperate race against the Babylon Rogues! As chaos reigns, an ancient secret will be revealed that could destroy not only the cities, but the entire world! You cannot miss the stunning conclusion to artistic legend Tracy Yardley's deb …
TMNT Adventures (1989) #9
Codename: Chameleon, After a diabolical thief known as the Chameleon steals government plans for a powerful new weapon, Shredder tracks him down and tries to get him to reveal the location of the plans; The Chameleon holds out until Shredder threatens to transform him with an aerosol can of mutagen but, once the location of the plans are revealed, he sprays the Chameleon anyway; Now with the po …
TMNT Adventures (1989) #17
The Turtles must save Man Ray who's been captured aboard a shrimp boat. Meanwhile, two of Maligna's soldiers arrive on Earth.
Archie and Friends Double Digest (2010) #1
'Adventures in the Wonder Realm,' Part 1. Dilton gets the perfect chance to test out the Wonder Realm, his new 'immersive' gaming invention, when Archie's parents banish his gaming addiction to the basement! There's just one problem: once you get immersed in the game, how do you get out?
TMNT Adventures (1989) #10
Leonardo recounts the Turtles' past adventures to Splinter. Later, the Turtles face off against a mutant parasite called Wyrm and a half-roach, half-human exterminator who wants to eliminate them.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #18
After returning to New York, the Turtles battle against super-powered Foot Soldier robots. Amidst the fighting a rock singer is exposed to mutagen and becomes Mondo Gecko, joining the fight to rescue his girlfriend.
Sonic Universe #46
All For One: Part 1 - Months ago, Mighty and Ray went on a quest to find Mighty's sister. Now the Chaotix have grown worried for their missing friends, so they're off to investigate! Will they pick up the trail in Mercia? Or will the Dark Egg Legion close our heroes' investigation early?
TMNT Adventures (1989) #11
While searching for Shredder in the sewers, the Turtles meet the Rat King, a man who doesn't take their trespassing too kindly. Later, Krang and Shredder make an attempt to find the Turnstone.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #19
"The Man Who Sold the World". The Turtles and their friends are attacked by the aliens Scul and Bean. Story continues in Mighty Mutanimals #1 mini-series.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #1
Leo and Mikey are shopping in disguise when two thugs attempt to rob the grocery store that they're in. Of course, our helpful heroes aren't going to stand around and let the theives get away with this, so they quickly put the wrap on the punks.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #12
In Dimension X, the Turtles learn the true nature of Mary Bones while they must stop Krang from finding the Turnstone. But they may face further trouble when Krang contacts an alien queen named Maligna to help with his quest.
TMNT Adventures (1989) #20
After escaping Null and the aliens, the Turtles must face off against a gigantic Foot Soldier that threatens to destroy New York. However, they are aided by a firefighter who is able to turn himself into a powerful dragon.
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