Skeleton Key Color Special (2012) One-Shot

Skeleton Key Color Special (2012) One-Shot
Zīmols: Dark Horse
Preces kods: Skeleton Key Color Special (2012) One-Shot
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Pieejamība: 3
Cena: 4.30€

One of the greatest all-ages comics of all time, Andi Watson's Skeleton Key is back-and in color! Using the magical Skeleton Key, schoolgirl Tamsin and fox spirit Kitsune can turn any door into a portal to an endless multiverse. Lost somewhere in space and time and trying to get home, the two friends encounter a band using the undead in a music video, check into a haunted hotel, and become catalogued in the vast Museum of the Lost! Collecting all three new stories from Dark Horse Presents, this is the perfect introduction.

Iznākšanas datums May 2012
No: (W/A/CA) Andi Watson
Valoda: English
Lappuses: 32

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